Post-Surgical Pain

Post-Surgical Pain2023-09-08T12:34:26-07:00

Discomfort after surgery might be short-lived or long-lasting, but, either way, you shouldn’t have to live with post-surgical pain. At Restore Health in Spokane and Richland, Washington, the pain management specialists offer highly effective post-surgical pain management solutions to get you on the road to recovery quickly and comfortably. Schedule an appointment by calling the Restore Health location nearest you, or booking online today.

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Post-Surgical Pain FAQ’s

What is post-surgical pain?2023-09-08T12:30:00-07:00

Surgical procedures put your body through trauma, which often causes post-surgery pain. However, you don’t have to live with discomfort with the help of pain management specialists at Restore Health. They offer a wide array of post-surgery pain relief options to match your needs, preferences, and lifestyle.

What does post-surgical pain feel like?2023-09-08T12:30:25-07:00

You might experience post-surgery pain after procedures that repair damaged tissue, implant a medical device, or replace a worn-down joint. Post-surgical pain might feel like:

  • Sharp, severe pain
  • Shooting or stabbing pain
  • Dull, aching pain
  • Numbness
  • Burning
  • Tingling

Post-surgical pain is often temporary, but it might come and go or linger long-term in some cases.

Which post-surgical pain solution is right for me?2023-09-08T12:31:02-07:00

To customize a post-surgery pain treatment for you, Restore Health specialists review your medical and surgical history, complete an examination, and ask questions about the type and severity of post-surgical pain you have.

What are post-surgical pain treatment options?2023-09-08T12:31:48-07:00

Depending on the severity of post-surgery pain you experience, your Restore Health provider might recommend:

At-home therapies

Rest, ice, compression, elevation, and over-the-counter pain relievers might be all you need to relieve post-surgery pain.

Prescription medications

Taking pain-relieving medications can help you feel comfortable after surgery. The Lynx Healthcare team offers opioid therapy management to help you avoid pain medicine addiction.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP)

PRP, derived from your blood, contains growth factors that accelerate your body’s healing response naturally. Your doctor takes a blood sample from your arm, spins it in a centrifuge, and injects PRP into painful areas of your body.

Physical therapy

After surgery, undergoing physical therapy is a natural way to reduce pain, strengthen muscle and joint tissue, and prevent future injuries.

Other pain-relieving options

If post-surgery pain persists longer than you anticipate, your pain management specialist might recommend steroid, hyaluronic or anesthetic injections, radiofrequency ablation, or spinal cord stimulation.

They make adjustments to your pain management treatment as needed to optimize your outcome and quality of life.

Don’t live with post-surgical pain when effective pain management solutions can help you feel more comfortable during your recovery. Schedule an appointment with Restore Health by phone or online for pain relief today.

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