The team at Restore Health specializes in two minimally invasive procedures that effectively treat compression fractures:


To perform vertebroplasty, your Restore Health provider inserts a hollow needle into the affected vertebra. During the procedure, they use fluoroscopy, which is a real-time X-ray that shows your spine and the movement of the needle.

Using this imaging technique, your provider precisely places the needle into the center of the vertebra and injects bone cement into the compression fracture. The bone cement quickly hardens, which stabilizes your spine and alleviates your pain.


Kyphoplasty is similar to the vertebroplasty procedure, with one change. After inserting the needle, your provider inflates a balloon inside the fractured vertebra.

After the balloon restores the bone’s natural height and shape, your provider removes the balloon and injects bone cement. The cement restores the bone’s natural shape, strength, and stability.

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